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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alan Jackson

Jackson can wiggle his ears. He got the talent from his daddy, a man who didn't speak much.


Believe it or not, Alan Jackson wasn’t a “music-lovin’, record-buyin’ kind of guy” growing up.


Jackson's dad was a mechanic for Ford, but the house the future superstar spent his early years in was rustic: It began as just a tool shed and didn't have running water.


Alan Jackson started working at a very young age of 12, his first job was in a shoe store.


His favorite sandwich is pineapple and mayonnaise.


Jackson writes many of his own songs, and he admits that he prefers the sad ones.


Alan Jackson joined the band Dixie Steel after graduating high school. The band’s name was inspired by the label on a box of nails.


In 1992, he told People that he first starting to wear a cowboy hat so no one saw a scar he got as a kid growing up in Newnan, Ga.


Alan Jackson's greatest passion is restoring antique cars.


He once confessed to Us Weekly that he thoroughly enjoys watching The Weather Channel. He went as far as calling himself a Weather Channel “junkie.”


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