5 New Best ALTBalaji Series, Show in February 2022

5 New Best ALTBalaji Series, Show in February 2022: The new month has begun as well as the counting of new plans. While Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are all set to release new series and movies, AltBalaji’s home-based OTT platform is also in the running. At the show on ALTBalaji they gave us a modern style game. The February month of the platform brings a variety of shows from a variety of genres. From the loving saga of revenge to social issues, much is expected.

Best ALTBalaji Series, Show in February 2022

1. Helllo Jee

The show features women, Hello Jee starring Nyra Banerjee, Morinal Tyagi, Akshaya Shetty, Dipali Sharma, Rahul Verma, Nitin Rao and Kashish Rai. The show is about women supporting women and integration. This ‘women’s’ drama takes you on a journey of love, friendship, conflict and much more. Watch a gang of girl start a dating business to support their dreams.

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2. Bekaaboo Season 2

Bekaaboo created chaos in its first season, the second season featuring Taher Shabbir, Shabha Rajput, Ankit Gupta, Priya Banerjee, Marmar Sahu, Tushar Khanna and Poulomi Das. The show is a vengeful genius that shows you the dark side of a relationship. The plot focuses on the characters of the elite players destroying all the money and work. The show is full of unexpected twists and turns.

3. Crashh

For some time now we have seen some news of the brothers. Starring Zain Imam, Kunj Anand, Rohan Mehra, Aditi Sharma and Anushka Sen, this is the story of Kabir, Kajol, Jia and Jashn who split up after the death of their parents in a car accident. Years pass and Kabir is a police officer now who wants to reunite his family, however, the challenges are not as simple as they seem.

4.  LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors

There used to be a movie of love, sex, duck and now you have a series that takes you to the world of love, scandal & doctors. Standing at a prestigious medical center in Delhi, we see five medical professionals arrested during a murder investigation. Interestingly, every actor seems to have a purpose after killing Rahul Dev, Punit J Pathak, Siddharth Menon, Tanaya Sachdeva, Srishti Ganguli Rindani, Manish Mishra, Ayush Shrivastav and Ishaan A Khanna, the show will end up stuck on screen.

5. Dev DD Season 2

For all those who have watched Dev DD and are looking forward to its season 2, the show is back. Starring Asheema Vardan, Sanjay Suri, Nauheed Cyrusi and Aman Uppal, these shows take you to the life of Dvikavika who does not want to follow the public eye. He does what he likes, follows his heart, breaks the traditional customs that make him stand out from the community. The new season brings new challenges and will also focus on issues such as women, gender, homophobia and other issues that society does not regularly address.


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