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Who is Rumeysa Gelgi? 

Rumeysa Gelgi was born in Turkey on 1 January 1997, and she is 25-year-old as in 2022.

Gelgi is the tallest woman in the world. She was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition Weaver Syndrome (WS), which causes rapid growth.

Who is Rumeysa Gelgi?

Gelgi stands at 7ft 0.7 inches, she has confirmed on her website that “Medical treatment has been successful and I’m not growing anymore.”

She is the only member of her family who has WS, with both of her parents and siblings measuring average height.

Gelgi holds five Guinness World Records, winning her first title as the world’s tallest living female teenager in 2014.

Gelgi works as a front end developer in the software industry and will be in America for at least six months whilst she collaborates with Guinness World Records.

Gelgi travelled on a plane for the first time with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to San Francisco in the United States.

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