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Who is Abigail White?

Abigail White is a young model prominent on adult content website OnlyFans as ‘fake Barbie’.

Who is Abigail White?

Apart from this, she also shared her private and intimate images on social media under the name Mitzi Lewis.

She made £50,000 in one year working on the online streaming platform OnlyFans.

23-year-old Abigail White allegedly stabbed her partner Bradley Lewis to death in Bristol earlier this month.

The accused woman Abigail White had stabbed her boyfriend Bradley Lewis to death in South Gloucestershire (UK).

Abigail also called the ambulance from her house after killing her boyfriend, but Lewis could not survive and died during treatment in the hospital.

White was charged with murder the day of Lewis’ death and reportedly did not enter a plea. She was remanded to police custody.

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