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Jonathan Majors convicted in split verdict, dropped from Marvel

Actor Jonathan Majors was found guilty of two misdemeanor charges, assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree, in a domestic violence case in New York. 

The charges stemmed from an incident with his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, that occurred in Manhattan on March 25. 

The jury found Majors innocent of intentional assault and aggravated harassment, indicating they did not believe he intended to harm Jabbari. 

Majors' lawyer described him as both "grateful" and "disappointed" with the mixed verdict. 

Marvel and Disney have dropped Majors from an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film following the guilty verdict. 

The incident involved Majors allegedly attacking Jabbari in a car after an argument about a text message he received from another woman. 

Video evidence showed Majors picking up Jabbari and shoving her back into the car when she tried to follow him out at an intersection. 

Majors accused Jabbari of assaulting him, but the district attorney's office did not pursue charges against her. 

During the trial, evidence suggested that the March 2022 incident was not the first time Majors may have harmed Jabbari, including text messages and an audio recording from September 2022. 

Majors, once a rising star in Hollywood with roles in notable projects like "Lovecraft Country" and Marvel's "Loki," has been barred from having any contact with Jabbari, and his sentencing date is set for February 6. 

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