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Is Jimmy Fallon Dead?...Here's the truth

Nowadays, people posting fake death news on Twitter to get viral is very common.

American comedian, Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, was the next target of this death hoax.

On Monday, many people started seeing a viral post on Twitter that was portrayed to be coming from ‘The Tonight Show’.

Due to this, netizens believed that Jimmy Fallon had passed away and started mourning over his death.

The post was shown as it came from Tonight show’s official account, which read, “We are forced to announce, with heavy hearts, the passing of Jimmy Fallon, our very own late-night legend. 1923-2022.”

It also came with a unique picture of Fallon with his pet dog, which made it more believable.

However, the post was soon debunked, but Jimmy Fallon is in good health and very well.

Many people started questioning this post because of the mentioned birth year, “1923.”

Which meant Jimmy was alive for 99 years, which is certainly not true. Jimmy Fallon’s actual birth year is 1974.

Celebrities are mentioned on fake death posts several times, but people should start mass reporting such fake posts.

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