10 Lesser Known Facts About Nichelle Nichols

By HindiQueries

During the 1960s when the original Star Trek series was filmed, interracial relationships were still somewhat taboo. So, when Nichelle Nichols kissed William Shatner on a 1968 episode of Star Trek, she broke down quite a barrier for any African-American who worked in television.


Before Nichols signed on to play Uhura in the original "Star Trek" sereis, she sang with Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton and starred in a production of "Blues for Mister Charlie" by James Baldwin.


As Uhura, she was one of the first African Americans on TV to play something other than a servant.


After the original Star Trek was cancelled, Nichelle Nichols decided to volunteer for a special project with NASA. They tasked her with recruiting minority and female personnel for various positions.


Back in 2012, Nichelle Nichols met Obama in the Oval Office. During their meeting, she asked about a tweet he had posted a few months back. In the tweet, he admitted that he was a Trekker and had a huge crush on Nichols. When she asked him about it in person, he confirmed his crush and his love for the original Star Trek.


Asteroid 68410 was discovered in August of 2001, by Michael Collins and Minor White (two famous astronomers). They elected to name their discovery after their favorite actress, Nichelle Nichols. Now designated 68410 Nichols, the actress and songstress will forever be memorialized in the sky.


Nichelle Nichols was the first African-American to place her handprints in front of Hollywood's Chinese Theatre.


In the '60s -- but before "Star Trek" -- she had a years-long affair with "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry.


When Nichols wanted to quit the series to pursue a Broadway career, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told her she had to stay to be a role model.


In the film reboot of the franchise, Uhura is played by Zoe Saldana.


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