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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Maria Telkes

Maria Telkes was a Hungarian-American scientist who was a pioneer in solar energy.


She was the first person to design and construct a solar-powered house.


She was also the first to develop the principles of a solar-powered air-conditioning system.


Telkes was the co-inventor of the first thermoelectric generator and developed the use of solar energy for heating and cooling buildings.


She was the first to combine solar energy with thermal storage, creating a system that could store energy for use at night or on cloudy days.


She also invented a solar still, which used solar energy to distill seawater into fresh water.


Telkes was an advocate for renewable energy and she believed that solar energy could be used to combat pollution and create a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Telkes also invented the first portable solar distiller, which was used to provide potable water to victims of floods or other disasters.


She was a pioneer in the field of photobiology, researching the effects of light on living organisms.


Telkes was part of a team that developed the world’s first solar-powered airplane, the Solar Challenger, which flew across the English Channel in 1981.


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