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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About LeBron James

While still a toddler, older boys taught LeBron James his first basketball moves under a hoop made of a milk crate fastened to a telephone pole using nails. This was the first hoop that James encountered. 


He writes and eats with his left hand, while on the other hand he shoots and makes layups using his right hand. 


His favorite school subject was art. His strange shoe designs prove that he is very much interested in art.


LeBron James builds a very much friendly relationship with Jay Z. They often used to take pictures together and caption these “La Familia”.


Though LeBron was not born in an economically well family, but he has overcome his poverty. When LeBron was in the senior year of his high school, he used to live in government subsidized housing. 


LeBron James was the first African-American person who has been featured in the cover page of the Vogue. 


He was a very good football player in his high school period. During his junior year in high school he had considered to build career in football. 


LeBron James is the youngest player who has broken 40 points in a game. He was the first and only youngest player of breaking 40 points in his first NBA game.


He became one of the youngest players to score 50 points plus just in one game. 


LeBron’s dad left him and his mom just after the birth of LeBron. He and his mom moved 12 times when his ages were between 5- 8. 


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