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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Khloé Kardashian

Khloe was homeschooled because she didn’t feel like she fit in at school.


Khloe has said that when she gets really stressed or really sad she is prone to hair loss.


In an interview, Khloe admitted she was not too happy with the used car she received as a teen, so she opted to take matters into her own hands and “steal” her mom’s new Range Rover.


Khloe’s dramatic weight loss as been a constant topic of conversation on the internet. (In total, she has lost 40 pounds.)


Khloe used to think it would be easier to marry a football player over a basketball player simply because football players are home more often.


Khloe loves journaling. According to the reality star, recording her thoughts in a journal is "a great way to literally get things out of your system."


During an interview with radio host Howard Stern, Khloe admitted to wanting to get a boob job sometime in the future.


After being involved in a 2001 car accident, she struggles with memory loss.


Khloe hates doing nude photo shoots. In a video she shared on her app, she said, "I feel like such a whore."


Khloe stays motivated during her workouts by listening to John Mayer. Her favorite songs include "Stop This Train" and his cover of "XO" by Beyonce.


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