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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is a MLB baseball player. He was born on April 26, 1992.


He was actually adopted the day after his birth. He has an older brother, John, who was also adopted.


He’s currently playing the right field for the New York Yankees. He made his debut in 2016.


He’s hit 33 home runs in Yankee Stadium, breaking the previous record held by famous baseball player Babe Ruth, in 1921.


At 6-foot-7, 282 pounds, Judge is one of seven MLB hitters since 2000 to measure at least 6-7.


In high school, he also played football and basketball in addition to baseball.


Judge wears No. 99, a number first given to him at spring training in 2016.


He’s a Christian and has spoken out about his faith on his social media account.


He has a “bubble gum ritual” where he chews two pieces of gum during the game. If he gets a hit, he keeps it; if he doesn’t, he gets rid of it.


He apparently has his own set of bleacher seats! Fans can sit in “The Judge’s Chambers” – a three row set of seats made to look like a faux courtroom.


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